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Thread: DCC auxiliary decoders

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    Default DCC auxiliary decoders

    New @ DCC. Ready to purchase auxiliary decoder for my 3'X7' layout with 14 Kato unitrack turnouts & Digitrax zephyr controller. Call me old fashion, but want to have both loco net operation & manual panel with push button switches & LED directional lights. My research became confusing when I discovered Digitrax 64 decoder can only support panel switches, but no LEDs. would appreciate any input from experienced railroaders on best approach to pursue. Have zeroed in on 3 approaches, but am open to others.

    * 1 Approach: Digitrax 64 with Atlas 200 snap relays for panel directional LEDs (concern-have 14 turnouts;combining 4 64's with 14 snap relays very $$)
    * 2 Approach: DCC Specialists Jack Wabbit high voltage quad for loc net.(concern- confusing manual)
    * 3 Approach: DCC Concepts new DCD-ADS-8sx (most cost affective: concern-Australian Co. Limited USA availability)
    thanks for your input

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    Not sure this is what you're looking for, but the Kato-compatible, NCE Switch-Kat accessory decoders have built-in leads for soldering your own position-indicator LEDs (e.g, three-leg, bi-color LED + 1K 0.25W resistor). About $20 each. PDF schematics are available in NCE's online manuals section. Those are what I plan to buy for my Unitrack layout, using a Dynamis Ultima computer-controlled DCC system.

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