I'm looking to add DCC to a doodlebug. I believe it would be considered a 2nd generation. It is NOT the newest DCC version. The loco has a light board........there are 4 wires coming to the board from the trucks which are soldered on. There are 2 tabs that hang down under the board that contact the buttons on the motor. The board also has the headlight LED soldered to it as well as a resistor for the LED. Electronics are not my strong suit, so I have a few questions. My thought is to leave the board in place to avoid having to completely disassemble the unit to get to the motor, and also use it to hold the headlight LED in place. I'll unsolder the 4 wires coming from the trucks and resolder them to the decoder. Next I'll solder the motor leads from the decoder to the board so the original tabs will still function. Now the first question........can I unsolder the one end of the headlight resistor and attach it to the headlight lead on the decoder and leave the ground side still attached to the ground side of the motor, or do I need to totally isolate the headlight? I can do this by cutting the copper strip on the board and then soldering a wire onto the LED, but I'm looking to keep this as simple as possible. The second question concerns the light in the passenger compartment......it's a grain of wheat bulb, and there is something wrapped in heat shrink tubing that connects it to the board.....anyone know what's under the tubing? Possibly a resistor to keep it from getting too bright since it's on the same leads as the LED headlight? I'd like to keep the light, but I never run "at night", so the light is never seen........might be easier to leave it out. Any help/advice would be appreciated.