So, I have one of the kato models of UP's Business car Kenefick (just this car) that I am backdating to fit my modeling era.

I'm shooting for this car to be in the 1965-1975 range, when it was numbered 100, but I'm having trouble findings a significant number of photos of the car during this timeframe.

I've found a photo of one side of the car, so I know I really just need to have the numbered centered on the length of the car, about where Kato put the car name.

So I have two questions I'm hoping someone might know the answer to:

1) Does anyone know if the kitchen door was always stainless steel? (or painted silver, not sure which).
2) Does anyone know when the "Union Pacific" text was applied to the awning over the rear platform? I've seen photos of other UP business cars, like the similar 103 (I think it was 103, don't have the photo in front of me). where the awning face was blank, and I think I saw one where the awning face was grey.