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Thread: Cork Roadbed Issue/Questions

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    The problem with the roadbed, if there is a genuine problem at all, is probably as a result of the manufacturing. When the cork is "cut" so it can be separated, it isn't cut all the way through. That, I'd say, is to ensure both halves remain together for packaging and shipping.

    Personally, I don't see the "jagged edges" on one side of each half to be a problem. If it is perceived as a problem, how hard would it be to trim it? Or, use a sharp knife to separate the two halves instead of "tearing them apart". Or, as has been suggested - cover the edge with ballast or a little ground cover so it can't be seen.

    If people are so bothered by it, don't buy it and use something else.
    Cheers Tony

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    I have used Midwest Roadbed for over 40 years on all of my layouts and just trim the ragged edge with a sharp X-acto, is and has been no big issue for me and when it is ballasted one can not tell if the trim is straight and at the correct angle or not.

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    I use the thinner cork sold in rolls for bulletin boards at the craft stores. I cut strips 1/2" wide with a rotary cutter and straightedge.

    I like having a thinner roadbed profile, I like being able to use longer strips, and it's a lot easier to come by with no local hobby shops in my area.
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