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Thread: 3D Printing

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwh70 View Post
    That makes sense. I don't even know how it all works anyway... the whole concept of 3D printing seems like modelling magic to me.
    Yeah me too but I did buy a kit to build one a while back to try doing it but it’s still in the boxes.

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    Post 3D Printed Tanktainers

    I've had some 1:160 tanktainers that I designed printed using Shapeways:

    ISO Tanktainer 1

    8x8 ISO Tanktainer Type One 001 Cropped.jpg

    ISO Tanktainer 2

    8x8 ISO Tanktainer Type Two 001 Cropped.jpg

    ISO Bromine Tanktainer

    8x8 ISO Tanktainer Type Three 001 Cropped.jpg

    I haven't had a chance to clean, smooth and paint them yet but the finish and level of detail is very impressive. The curved surfaces of the tanks are very smooth as received but will be better with a little sanding.
    I'm working on kit versions that can use a suitable piece of tube (brass/plastic) as the tank to save that finishing work.

    Some of the frames around the tanks are less than 0.6mm x 0.6mm (the walkway supports on the 2nd model are only 0.3mm x 0.6mm) but quite resilient as the material has a bit of flex.

    I've seen threads on other fourms where people are getting amazing results with a resin 3D printer called an Anycubic Photon. Let's see if I can dig out a link.
    Here we go:
    It's not always easy to create high-quality models even with this printer and there is often lots of trail and error. Plus the resins involved aren't the healthiest things to work with/be around during the printing process.

    At the end of the day, while I enjoy creating CAD files and seeing the resulting 3D prints, at the moment I'm not really interested in the work involved in the actual printing process. As the Baldylox said further up the thread:
    Shapeways still has better details, allows my to run a business and handles all the bad prints or mistakes. i wouldnt want to be wasting my own materials and putting the unncessary wear and tear on my own machines.

    Couldn't agree more, the fun for me is researching the prototypes, creating the CAD files/etches/decals and finishing the models.


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    3D printing has certainly opened up modeling opportunities that I don't have the skills to build from scratch or kitbash. I don't know that I am ready to take the dive into a 3D printer. I will continue for a while longer using Shapeways.

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