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Thread: Layouts @2018 NSE National Convention, Salt Lake City

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    Default Layouts @2018 NSE National Convention, Salt Lake City

    The layout room featured Free-MoN, n-trak and t-trak modules.

    Free-MoN, a type of n-scale modular layout (which is considered more prototypically correct than t-trak and n-trak) dominated almost three quarters of the layout room. Mark Watson from FreeMo-Nebraska and Rick Brodzinsky from Silicon Valley Free-MoN manned their layout of approximately 12 scale miles. Rick, who has been modeling n-scale for nine years, was kind enough to explain all about Free-MoN modules, which have a standard interface, use a single track located in the middle of the module and are easily interchangeable.

    Rick Brodzinsky from Silicon Valley FreeMo-N

    Since there are no back drops on these modules, long consists of trains on the move can be viewed from both sides. These modules are situated 50 inches high, which is more adult-friendly and great for taking photographs. “You tend to see more FreeMo west of the Mississippi,” said Rick.

    Rick Brodzinsky's San Felipe desert module

    Rick’s San Felipe desert module caught my eye for two reasons. It’s well done and given that we live in the northeastern part of the US (30 miles north of Boston, MA), where most modelers depict lots of tree-filled landscapes, this dry, sand-filled landscape was a welcome change.

    It was nice to meet Rick in person as we have only communicated via the TrainBoard forum where he is a moderator.

    The T-trak layout (more kid-friendly due to fact that modules are displayed at a lower viewing height, which creates a better vantage point for tykes) had some whimsical aspects to it, including a Dora the Explorer figurine and some kind of water creature.

    Got to clean that tunnel track!

    For all you T-trak fans or anyone undecided about attending the August NMRA show, this year’s show will feature the largest T-trak layout ever, with more than 300 modules. Something to consider!

    The Wasatch N-Scale club had its own layout.

    Here are some pictures.

    Wasatch N-Scale Model

    Mining module

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