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Thread: Ran into an old friend yesterday. . .

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    Default Ran into an old friend yesterday. . .


    I'd wondered where former Washington Central SW1200 202 had gone. She was one of my favorites back when I worked for WCRC in the early 1990s.

    She had been the Interbay shop goat for many, many years (after BNSF acquired the WCRC as part of reopening the Stampede Pass line), but I haven't seen her working for a long, long time. The mechanical guys must have tucked her away inside somewhere.

    Thursday afternoon I found the 202 on the Interbay dead line -- as least that what I think it is, because old locomotives set out here disappear from Interbay. ...

    Oh, you're wondering about "Freckles" stenciled under the cab window? Well, that was a pejorative name given to the one of the near relatives of WCRC's less-than-popular owner back in the day.

    Nice to see you again. ...
    Paul Schmidt

    Southern Railway's Slate Fork Branch

    Proud member of the Milwaukee Road Historical Association and the Southern Railway Historical Association

    Check out Appalachian Railroad Modeling!

    Did l mention that I still like the SP&S?

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    It's funny what connections can be formed with iron and diesel. When I was a kid, we lived on Martha's Vineyard island, and I would see the passenger/car ferries come and go each day from the Steamship Authority wharf. One of them, the Uncatena... (not-so-affectionately referred to as the "Junkatena" by many islanders) was transferred to another route. She was gone from my daily routine of seeing her every afternoon. I'll never forget when, sometime later - she showed up again, pulling into the SS Authority wharf. I ran to my dad's work.. "Dad! The Uncatena's back!!" (He didn't care.)
    But for some reason, I always remember that day.

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