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Thread: Favorite Modeling Books

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    Default Favorite Modeling Books

    So forgive the irony(?) of asking about print on a forum in the year 2018, but this old fashioned guy needs to build up some posts. I look at a computer screen literally all day at work, so my hobby time is as far away from a computer as I can if at all possible. I am getting back into the hobby after a couple decades away, and planning on being much more focused and hopefully getting my sons interested in the hobby when they are old enough. I am looking for suggestions/favorites/industry standard books (or classic articles in the monthlies) on:
    • modeling in plastic
    • modeling in brass
    • airbrushing
    • hand-laying track

    Thanks for entertaining the newb questions and responses. Hope to be an active member for years to come (and I might actually get better at navigating and searching forums!)...

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    If you want a classic article in the monthly, I would give highest props to the series "Building The F&S Junction Module" in September, October and November 1989 Model Railroader magazine, with a particular emphasis on the October 1989 article: "Scenery, Bridges and Buildings for the F&S Jct." The article subject is HO, but still full of LOTS of great ideas and techniques for scratchbuilding and kitbashing crammed into just a few pages. That issue also shows Bob Smaus's awesome tea trolley layout... Probably the most inspiring issue of MR I have ever read, personally. The November article features scratchbuilding a signal too which even tho it's in HO, might offer ideas on building in brass for you.
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