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Thread: Adding Magnet System to Intermodal Containers

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    Default Adding Magnet System to Intermodal Containers

    In the past I would use double sided tape to hold my container stack together on my well cars, kind of a pain. I thought coming up with a magnet system can't be too hard, so here goes.

    I found 100 round 10mmX2mm magnets on Amazon for less that $10. Next a trip to the hardware store where I piked up a sheet of 8"x24" 22 gauge sheet metal, also under $10.

    I cut a strip of sheet metal 8" x 3/8"

    Next I cut them into 3/4" pieces.

    Glued 3 magnets to the base.
    Note - Walthers containers have two ridges running along each side, I used a hobby knife to shave these off, the bases are fairly soft so it wasn't difficult.

    Glued three plates to the inside top of the container.. These don't have to be pretty..

    And Ta Daa..

    Note, I used Loctite Power Grab for my glue because that's what I happen to have handy.
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