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Thread: Replacing Model power clip trucks

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    Default Replacing Model power clip trucks

    Hi guys, does anybody have any tips or trucks for replacing model power clip trucks with MT's? So far I'm thinking plug the hole and re-drill but there's got to be an easier way.
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    It's not that bad. What's easier than drilling a hole??

    You can either plug the existing hole with styrene (a bit of sprue whittled down to fit works great) and drill a new 5/64" hole (#48 drill is better if you have one) Or just drill the hole until the plug that comes with the MT trucks fits. (That goes in from the top of the floor, not the bottom) Just run the drill slow so you don't melt the plastic, and get that hole as perpendicular to the car floor as you can.

    While you're at it, file your bolsters down so the car rides lower, and add some weight!
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    Cars like the Model Power ones are just what all those little extra bits in the MT truck package are used for. ConCor also is another brand that needs them.

    Avoid using a power drill. Enlarging the bolster holes is better done with the single twist of an Xacto knife. By applying almost no pressure, little material will be removed. Going slowly will give you fewer errors.
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