I just got in a bunch of new rolling stock. I intentionally ordered different brands of rolling stock to see how I liked them. One type of rolling stock I got I already ran into issues with it on my layout. That rolling stock being three Bowser 2-Bay Airside Hoppers. I couldn't find anywhere noting what the minimum radius for these cars is.

So the issue is that the wheels rub the coupler box on the curves I run. The tightest curve on the mainline is 17.5. The wheels rub at this radius and also on the 18.75 and even slightly on the 20 inch radius curves as well. Haven't noticed the running on the 21.25 inch curves. The bigger problem is I am intending to run these cars on the branch line with 15 inch curves. The fix will be to replace the trucks and coupler box. The new trucks will have truck mounted coupler in place of the body mount couplers now. That should fix the issue. Bowser notes that Micro Trains 1035s are the replacement.


The truck is limited in how far it can turn by the coupler box. With the coupler box removed it can turn a little more before it rubs the center part of the frame as well. The frame may need some modification as well. That of having it ride slightly high on the Micro Train 1035s.