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Thread: old stock mid 70's

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimf41 View Post
    It looks like I've got a steep learning curve ahead. The last time I was into trains there were several hobby stores that featured trains within 5-10 miles of my home. Now it seems I'll have to go 15-25 miles to find a store.
    For me, to find a store that actually stocks anything that I want or has anything available other than what's in the Walthers catalog, I have to drive for HOURS.

    And so I do most of my business online. I get it from their takes a major metro area to support a train store, and anything less than a train store is a hobby shop trying to be everything to everybody, which never works out particularly well.

    I used to get near enough to a place where I'd at least buy things like ground foam and ballast and other little supplies, but since I changed jobs, it's next to never that I get near a place that stocks much of anything. I'm not complaining, just stating how things are for me.

    You might want to look at online vendors, Ebay or the folks right here. I have quite a few things on my layout that were acquired from other forum folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimf41 View Post
    25 miles on Long Island takes as long as 65 in Charlotte. Yesterday I found one on the Atlas website when I was looking for dealers and it was in the next town about 8 miles away. Got there and it was closed permanently. One of the best things I remember about MR was going into a train store and just looking at all the neat stuff. Shopping on the internet just isn't the same.
    Hello Jim, last fall I found some unpacked boxes that had survived a few moves full of N scale stuff. I got into it in the 70's for a while, then again in the 90's for a while and now again. Most every thing I have is from way back then. The biggest shock to me has been the lack of surviving model train shops, used to be at least 7 of them with in a 1/2 hour drive. I am lucky that while at a train show 2 hours from my home I was informed of a shop about 20 or so miles from home. I prefer dealing with a shop owner over online.

    My "semi" local shop's owner knows his business and is priced very competitively with the online ones. If I want something he'll order it up for me if it's not in shop. I hate to admit it but I drop in close to 3 or 4 times a month and I haven't walked out as wealthy as I walked in yet. I search the huge number of rolling stock on the shelves and always find one or several pieces to take home. I usually spend an hour or more just chatting and asking questions. He was the one who told me about this site too. I'm glad he did, just lurking in the shadows and reading all the new and older threads has inspired me greatly.

    I hope you are enjoying the wealth of knowledge on here like I am.

    Welcome to crowd.

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