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It looks like I've got a steep learning curve ahead. The last time I was into trains there were several hobby stores that featured trains within 5-10 miles of my home. Now it seems I'll have to go 15-25 miles to find a store.
For me, to find a store that actually stocks anything that I want or has anything available other than what's in the Walthers catalog, I have to drive for HOURS.

And so I do most of my business online. I get it from their perspective...it takes a major metro area to support a train store, and anything less than a train store is a hobby shop trying to be everything to everybody, which never works out particularly well.

I used to get near enough to a place where I'd at least buy things like ground foam and ballast and other little supplies, but since I changed jobs, it's next to never that I get near a place that stocks much of anything. I'm not complaining, just stating how things are for me.

You might want to look at online vendors, Ebay or the folks right here. I have quite a few things on my layout that were acquired from other forum folks.