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    Default Walthers SW1200

    Another DCC issue.....anyone have any experience with the new (last) run of DCC friendly LL/Walthers SW1200s? I bought it because it was supposed to be DCC was, up to a point. The board went in no problem, and the motor hooked up easily, but when I reassembled it I had no motor power, only lights. Took it back apart, which of course means knocking at least one of the stupid little tabs off that transfer power from the trucks to the frame and checked connections and reassembled with the same results. Thanks to the tabs, you can't check things without putting the shell back on. After several tries, I finally figured out I can touch the rear of the frame to the rails and get a connection. Using this method, I could get the motor to spin as well as the light to turn on and off, but as soon as the shell went on, no motor. Anyone else having this issue or a suggestion to fix it.

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    Same crappy system like Atlas short diesels. Those contacts are prone to go where them want. It happened to me the same, i try few times to fix, and after i get crazy i drill a small hole in the sound decoder board, in the middle of the copper pads, i solder wire on both electric end of motor, pass the wires on hole, put the board back between the chassis, and solder the wire on board. After i cut flush the rest of wires. And no more problem. Just to take care to not overheat the motor pads on soldering.

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