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Thread: the prices of things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose2013 View Post
    Moose think that old locomotive designs should not be used to compare current or recent offerings.
    ok... but then we get into some what more subtle distinctions.

    bachman has carefully created the reputation they have.
    So has Kato. Since 1970 Kato has been making head and shoulders above all others at the time n-scale equipment.

    none of that counts?

    a more subtle approach... what shall we compare?
    the mikado to the connie?

    At one point, you could get a connie for 60 dollars and a mike for 80.
    same day, same month.

    At one point, you could get a connie for 60 dollars and a mike for 80.
    same day, same month. so you can compare them at 3 mikes to 4 connies.
    how many connies will get sent back?
    if you count the two I rejected at kleins?

    Every time you mail a connie out you are increasing a loco's price.

    I believe most people hate having to return a loco.
    I am not sure I would like having my money spent and not having the loco in hand...

    after that surprisingly easy and fair comparison we get into
    more complicated attempts to evaluate the prices of things.

    so b-mann has offered other models since the Connie.
    the 2-6-6-2, the lt mountain, I think the J was next followed by heavy mtn,
    and the EM1 and some 2-6-0 and 4-6-0 dcc equiped items,
    and a berk with soundz, they upgraded the x-6-x things a couple of times.
    and landed at the k4 with even more zees in the zoundz.

    so b-mann has been supporting n-scale and steam and I should shut up.

    buuuuut. we are comparing prices... the 2662 is an old design and so we will
    not use it for anything except to note it helps to explain b-mann's reputation.

    Lets compare the J to the Kato gs-4?
    the j cost less at 100 dollars to the 140 for the new kato gs4.

    far as I can tell the b-mann may be a better choice here...
    However, I had to return the first one I got, and in quick succession
    I fixed one for a friend that had the same problem my second one had,
    the motor bearings failed for lack of oil. this was within a month of release.
    so 4 locos tried with 100 percent fail rate.
    A few weeks later I had another to fix where the worm wheel was eccentric
    ... I thought it had a quartering problem.
    There is no doubt that that is a newer design... and was well within what I felt was normal for b-mann.
    the gs4s took a lot longer to fail and Kato made improved parts to repair them.
    If you compare the gs4 to the Hvy Mtn the Kato is a clear winner.
    just going by the failure rate if you feel the decoder is worth the 40 dollar difference.

    I am not sure
    what Loco should be compared to the Kato FEF...
    the berk or the k4?
    I have read of no complaints of the FEF other than drops and sound installation issues.
    ... and the want for a jewel box?
    ok the folks at B-mann are out in front of Kato there.
    My berk does not waddle nor shimmy and last I ran it, it sounded off.
    I have read more than a few compaints about the operational problems under load.

    so similar price, you might have problems with the berk.
    with the price of a dcc decoder and sound being a possible benefit.
    I'd prefer to skip paying for the bachmann decoder.
    the k4 is much the same.

    That is about as kind as one can be to b-mann and not completely ignore facts.

    The problem bar none is the reputation of b-mann.
    When you compare them feature for feature ..
    the first hurdle is "yeah, nice. will I get the loco as advertised?"
    Most do not doubt Kato.

    All of what we discuss is optional and for amusement.
    why should anyone harbor any doubts in what I think is a major purchase.
    this is a major reason I do not state b-mann is good.

    I do want Kato to make a pacific...
    I am tired of making them.


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    For the money and if you are willing to kitbash, a Kato c55 Pacific is a great mechanism. You can sometimes find them on the auction site for around $85. I made a K4 years ago with that mechanism, wish I still had it.

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    :-D I'll sell you a c-55.

    a lot of the reson I start this thread was to find a way to understand
    the various things I see happen on the bay.

    I know fuzzy pictures cause lower prices
    and near as I can tell, a complete loco that is listed as "doesn't run"
    goes for the same price as one that "runs well."
    replacement motors seem similar.

    the word custom seem to get a premium, one has to have a way to show
    the custom work. and good paint jobs appear to sell.
    I can't tell how often from the way the bay lists things.

    so to get a higher price, good photos of the improvements may help.


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