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    Default Changing course

    I haven't had an operational model railroad for quite some time. Now, because of age and ever-changing ambitions, I've decided to change the scope and size of my modeling. My planned layout will be roughly 33" by 53". If I put all of my rolling stock on the layout, nothing would be able to move, so I am going to thin out just a little bit, mostly reducing the number of boxcars I have available. I've also got MANY more locomotives than I could ever even think about using, so I plan to cut the fleet by about 50%. Another thing I never thought I'd do (at least right away) is convert to DCC. I'm an electronics tinkerer and with the cost and availability of DCC++, it looks like the right time to jump on that bandwagon. Selling off half of my fleet should enable the conversion of most of the rest. I have a few Arduino-based projects in mind, too, the most ambitious being the use of a Mega to drive the servos that will throw my turnouts. And I'm planning on retirement this summer, so I may actually have a little more time available for my railroad.

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    Looking forward to seeing how your new layout comes together!
    ~ Moose (Co-founder of the Mt. Tahoma & Pacific Railroad, located some where in the Pacific Northwest)

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    I too am looking forward. I too had began a massive down sizing, sold off almost all modern stock. But I haven't built anything yet, maybe someday the bug will bite again...

    good luck.
    ~ Charles


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