I recently bought a large collection of (happily) all N scale equipment. In amongst the standard Con-cor PAs, multiple F3/7/9s, and 0-6-0 switchers, it had a number of items that I haven't come across before. These include a Rivarossi Union Pacific 0-8-0, a Con-cor NYC Bullet Nose J3-A, a Minitrix U30CG, and the item of my inquiry:

A Minitrix GE U28C in a 'Spirit of 1776' color scheme. Like new condition, and runs strong.

I don't generally seek out collector's editions or items; I am more focused on building my roster of Lehigh Valley pieces (or specifically - pieces to convert to LVRR). I was hoping that someone might shed some light as to how rare this engine may or may not be, and what the market might look like for more collectable(??) pieces like this? I'm intimately familiar with the big auction site, and haven't found much to go on there. Thanks for any info.