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Thread: Review of WS Just Plug Police car

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    Default Review of WS Just Plug Police car

    Overall 7/10, would have been 9/10 except
    1: the headlights don’t match and
    2: they offer no way to turn the blinking roof light on steady so you could use it with an NCE liteit or other decoder for a more realistic rotating light.
    But the effect is not bad and the lack of headaches is probably worth $20... but not $29.99. At least the beacon is on a separate circuit so you can use it or not, and you can also use it and leave the headlights off in the daytime, of you so choose.

    Ill have to play with tinted canopy glue or similar to fix the headlight led that didn’t get a complete coat of the “warm white” tint at the factory and is throwing off blue-white lighting off angle.
    Or remove the coating from the “good one” so they match and then tint them both.

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