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Thread: Athearn Challenger: tips for removing cover plate from front gearbox?

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    Default Athearn Challenger: tips for removing cover plate from front gearbox?

    I'd like to do a little maintenance on the front gearbox of my challenger, and for the life of me have not figured out the trick for removing the forward gearbox cover plate. There are two screws, and then the cover has slots at each end that fit over tabs on the ends of the gearbox... I cannot figure out how to "pry" the slots off the tabs (w/o removing the entire gearbox from the loco). You can't really access it in place from the side because of the front drivers, and don't have an angle to grasp it from the front...

    About the only idea I have had is to bend a piece of brass or an x-acto blade to make a tool that I can use to wedge between the plate end and the gearbox from the front (after removing the pilot truck), and pull the slot off the tab. Thought I'd ask for the collective wisdom of the group before attempting this...

    Thanks for any ideas!

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    Hey mate if you want, I'll be doing an overhaul on a challenger and putting a video up on YouTube. Won't be up for a few weeks hopefully if everything goes to plan

    1100 x 2100 (3'7" x 6'10") layout under construction

    My layout planning and construction;

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