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Thread: What are these details??

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    Default What are these details??

    EDIT: Never mind. Found another photo (undated, but same locale) taken from another angle here:

    It's stacks of ties or timbers! Not in crates at all, just stacked crosswise. I feel silly now, but I can't seem to delete this post.

    So I was looking at images from the Library of Congress's FAS-OWI collection and found this photo of Winslow, Arkansas from August 1935:

    Can anyone make out what those stacks by the tracks are? Has anyone seen something similar? I'm assuming they are either waiting to be loaded on the train or they are recently unloaded from a train.... At first I thought maybe they are bricks. But the "crates" they are in almost look more like pens, or bins. They are built similarly in construction to old egg crates, but look at the size of them! They don't look like they're made to be lifted. And it also looks like product is stacked alongside them???

    I wonder if they aren't cardboard boxes of some sort of canned produce waiting to be picked up... Small canneries were all over the Ozarks, and August would be a harvest time for early crops, wouldn't it?

    Anyway, your guess is as good as mine is at this point. What do you think they are?
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    I'd hazard a guess that there's either a large railroad tie cutting industry or mine pit prop cutting entreprise in that area. In earlier times ties wern't treated but laid 'green' in most cases.


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