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Thread: UP Coast Line, PHL, and SMVR, switching 3+ level shelf layout

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    Default UP Coast Line, PHL, and SMVR, switching 3+ level shelf layout

    My layout as of August 2019.

    View of Pacific Harbor Lines Berth 200 yard in the port of Long Beach (yard on the lower level), which I am calling 'Fog Beach' just for fun.

    Another view of the Port of Fog Beach.

    The Chemical plant, there is a lot of petrochemical industry in Long Beach, allows me to get creative and have all my tank cars operate between industries, manufacturer to distributor. LPG is at the far end, need to move the LPG spheres or get new switches that will handle the longer cars.

    Union Pacific yard in Guadalupe California. Serves central coast and the Santa Maria Valley Railroad, a short line into the city of Santa Maria that I am modeling as well.

    North end of Guadalupe yard looking at the Phillips 66 refinery, in real life farther up the line but I think the tallest structures might be visible on a clear day over farmland and some dunes on the coast.

    After the refinery a back of the layout along the wall straight 2.1% max grade of hidden track takes the trains to the 3rd level scenic mountain section. Cuesta Grade just north of San Luis Obispo is modeled along the entire length, with slight deviation from reality to have the 4th level come out from behind the hills and an industry above the Cuesta Grade track. 2.1% is true to the prototype, but I think grade for mountain layouts can be as much as the longest set for layout with 2 engine consist can pull reliably, which is taking a different but accurate perspective on what to count as realistic and important. In RL the grade takes multiple power units, making a limitation that it takes only 1 in a layout and staying under 2% to me makes little sense, if its mostly about the locomotives in this hobby. The grade should challenge them as in real life.

    More of the Cuesta Grade.

    Semi finished area with one of the few scenes installed so far, MOW crew fixing a washout.

    Start of the Santa Maria Valley Railroad shortline on an L section over my desk.

    Santa Maria, still in a planning stage. Thought I had a plan but now I see I need to change a few curves and industry locations slightly. Need to bite the bullet and buy new switches I need for the plan I want instead of use the ones I have which dont quite fit.

    It is mostly 15 inches deep so it allows the room, a single room apartment, to still be livable. Space below is often a desk or shelf for other things like printers and computers and tablets, and my TV and books. Instead of books or pictures in frames on shelves, I have trains. I still have those other things on shelves, just above or below trains.
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    That's pretty awesome. Loving the pictures!
    WAAAAGH!! Wait, wrong hobby. TRAAAAAAIIIINNN!!

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