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Thread: Shapeways newest Milwaukee Road Little Joe release

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    Default Shapeways newest Milwaukee Road Little Joe release

    Unlike the two earlier Shapeways as-built and re-built Little Joe's I built using highly modified Kato GG1 chassis, these new ones uses all the internal parts from a Kato SD-90 engine.

    Mike redesigned the complete Little Joe body's as well as a complete chassis that all the parts from the SD-90 engine snaps into.

    Only extra thing needed to order from Kato is an extra driver wheel set for extra two free rolling driver wheel sets.
    Also on both end pilots you'll need to place your own wheels, I chose older brass wheel sets for the extra weight.

    You also have the option of either direct drive, (shafts included), or cutting down the universal shafts, the option I used on this build.

    I soldered pickup wires direct to the truck brass top tabs, then ran through the chassis and soldered direct to the motor brush brass tabs.

    Once the top gear covers are in place, I filled each with Tungsten Putty.

    Little Joe shell snaps on chassis.


    The Milwaukee Road operating pantographs in the video are also 3D printed by Mike, very sturdy, hard to break.

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