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Thread: Model Railroader Editor quote on N scale (supportive!)

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    Good observations, @MetroRedLn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJake View Post
    Younger adults can afford smaller apartments, condos and houses, and don't have a spare bedroom or most of a basement to dedicate to their model RR hobby (which more and more likely is also not their only significant hobby). They also change jobs and move around more often, so the boat anchor of a large, room-filling layout is less appealing to them.

    Combined with that, the typical trains they see today at 1:1 are long, unit trains of coal gondolas, tank cars, covered hoppers or containers, which are difficult to show well on less than a room-sized layout at HO and larger scales. N scale brings those trains down to physical sizes that can be modeled and shown well in less than an entire room, perhaps on only a hollow-core door or a single sheet of plywood and/or foam-board. Note that these latter sizes are also less demanding of framework and carpentry skills and tools.
    So true. I'm 36 so still a fairly young adult. Tend to spend my Saturday and Sunday mornings on a mountain. Grew up with long diesel freight trains, and wouldn't want to compress trains even more for a bigger scale in a small room. Also like to watch trains run while having a cold beer after a long day of work, so with the lack of real-estate Nscale is perfect for what I like and have the time for,

    Quote Originally Posted by BigJake View Post
    To cater to these new entrants in the market, MR should be emphasizing more, smaller layouts, in smaller scales (like N). They've had recent project layouts like this, but their feature layout articles still tend to be the basement- (if not building-) filling layouts where larger scales dominate.
    Some of my favourite articles ever was the Spare Bedroom series of articles they used to do in MRP, where they'd have experienced planners/builders have to design for downsizing from their basement empires to a small bedroom. Think they only did it for the first 3 or 4 years, wish they'd of kept it going.
    Kevin M.

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