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Thread: What's you're defining moment for becoming an N scale lifer?

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    It all started Christmas time 1970. We had gone to a mall. One of the department stores had an N-Scale loop of track set up behind (I'm guessing) plexiglass. With a push button to start the train. I guess, I pestered my parents enough--- fast forward to Feb. 1971 - my birthday. My Father took me down to the Little Depot (One of the premiere train stores in our area) where he bought me an Arnold Rapido set. It came with an 0-6-0, 2 or 3 freight cars and a caboose. It came with a circle of track - he bought a few extra straights, so I could have an oval. With it, he purchased an MRC power pack. I used to set it up on my desk (After homework - of course). I did that for quite a while. Dabbled in HO for a short period as a teen. Then after I got married (1982) -- my N-Scale enthusiasm went through the roof.

    So, -- we are still married and of of course - I am an N-Scale lifer.


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