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Thread: 1898 Supplement No. 38 Union Line Freight Tariff Boston Rates

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    Default 1898 Supplement No. 38 Union Line Freight Tariff Boston Rates

    Hello All, I found this 18 page, 1898 Supplement No. 38 Union Line Freight Tariff Boston Rates phamplet; additions, changes and withdrawls. What is really interesting about this phamplet, is the list of road names found on page 2 and 3, with names of towns on page 4. Page 9 and 10 contain the names of products being shipped via the railroads in 1898. So if you are interested in finding a new name for your railroad have a look at the file attachments below. This phamplet would have been posted in two public and conspicuous places in freight stations. This one in particular, perhaps, would have been in the freight station located in West Acton, MA. It is no longer there, but at one time freight and trolley services was quite visibly seen and heard in this area. Thank you for viewing.
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    Not sure how I missed this thread. Very cool stuff.

    I'm not seeing the photos of page 9 and 10 tho?
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