The First shipment of our October 2019 Releases arrived. We are pleased to Announce and Release the IN STOCK, New 40’ HC containers – See links below for Production Photos. This Release has some neat schemes including the CAI ‘Busted’ container unit - the first and only "busted" CAI 40' prototypical container (405030) with the markings of the unit seen in circulated photos of the largest drug bust in America. The CAI 40' container markings CAIU 807289, entered the Port of Philadelphia back in June of 2019 and they found an estimated $1 billion of cocaine in several containers. Now you can own a little history with a story to add to your layout! (cocaine NOT included). Here is the link to the article.

Also included in this Release is a new Cherry Blossom Magenta ONE container with TLLU markings; some first time schemes, some 'Set #1' packs of multi pack schemes, and another ‘Patched’ unit. Thank You & Enjoy.

CAI "Busted"

ONE ( TLLU leased unit) magenta color

HAPAG LLOYD ( large logo set 1 of 3)

MAERSK SEALAND (set 1 of 3) with reversed imaging on the front support post "Caution High Trailer"

KLINE (set 1 of 3)

P&O with flag

APL logo

APL (no logo)

TRANSAMERICA patch on Faded China Shipping


More announcements Soon!