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Thread: Load for Micro Trains Depressed Center Flatcar.

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    Default Load for Micro Trains Depressed Center Flatcar.

    I was going to title this "and now for something completely different" but didn't want to violate copyright laws. LOL
    If any of you follow "N Scale Enthusiast" (, you know they recently released two depressed center flat cars lettered for Conrail. I was extremely envious. Each had a different load. Last I looked, the brown car, which had what I thought was the more interesting load, was sold out. I will say they were a tad bit expensive. I try (really I do try) to limit my purchases to that which would be appropriate for my time period and prototype, but I was sorely tempted. Fortunately, I already had one of these M/T cars lettered for the Delaware and Hudson R.R. packed away. Since the prototype I model had an interchange with the D&H and a shipper that shipped unusual loads, albeit only once or twice a year, I decided this flat car needed to be put to work for a special move. For a load, I modeled what I saw on the assembly floor of the industry on my one visit in the late 80's. I have no idea if this was actually shipped by rail, nor even what it does. We weren't allowed to take photos and were discouraged from asking too many questions. I did a trial run to make sure it would clear everything. It is NOT finished. Besides some tie downs, I plan on replacing the two box cribs as I don't like the way the staining came out. The car has many holes in the floor so I am putting plastic pins in the bottom of the base cribbing to keep the load in position. I plan on gluing the cribbing to the load to make it removable.
    Here we see the cars being picked up by the switcher. I didn't model that industry so I just placed the cars at the end of the line.
    Next the train is pulled past Vulcan Metal Recyclers into the run-around.
    A close up.
    Next the locomotive moves around the train to attach the caboose.
    Here we see the train negotiating the one tight spot on the home rails.
    Whew! Made it.
    Red has come out of his store to see what all the hub-bub is about and the Brakeman gives him a wave. Normally, the crew would stop for a cold soda and a Tastycake for the ride home but not today.
    Finally made it to the yard, time to turn it over to the D&H.
    Hope you all enjoyed my little flight of fancy from my quarantined boredom. You know, there really should be a sign on the side of that load to say who made it.
    Cheers all!
    Attempting to apply the K.I.S.S. principle to Model Railroading.

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    That was great. I'm looking forward to seeing it with the tiedowns. Thanks for entertaining my morning
    Thanks, Tom

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