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Thread: Minor (?) modification to Micro-Trains heavyweight observation car

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    Default Minor (?) modification to Micro-Trains heavyweight observation car

    I have quite a few of the old Con-Cor heavyweight observation cars, and up until recently, they had gold/brass end platform railings. I recently added some M-T heavyweight observation cars, and while they have much better detailing, the end platform railings are black.

    I can't seem to find any color photos of 1930's heavyweight observation cars to see how they really were. If anyone has color photos of them to share, or links, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I'd like my rolling stock to be true to reality - but I also really like the gold/brass color railings.

    So I have 2 main questions:

    1. Does anyone have knowledge of how to remove the end railings on the Micro-Trains heavyweight observation cars? (I hate to just start prying, worry about damaging them and as near as I can tell, M-T does not offer replacement parts)

    2. How can I paint them brass color, without getting the paint on too thick and thus making the thin railings look bad? (I don't have a spray gun)



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    Hi Dave,

    I don't know about other railroads but the CP's handrails were brass.

    As for painting, I would buy a rattle can of brass spray. Must be some on the net if not your local hobby store.

    All the best.
    Thanks, Tom

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