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Thread: Kato & tomix lighting kits

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    Default Kato & tomix lighting kits

    So I just installed the 11-112 LED kits in my new subway with good results. I have some older kato superliners that have the incandescent kits in them but they are faultering. Does anyone have a source for some small LED bulbs I could retrofit to them?
    Also just got a tomix bullet train and am interested in lighting that. Its kinda loud & want to lube it a tiny bit before this. Any advice other than tomix lighting kits?
    Pictures soon I promise.

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    I tried out some LED lighting kits from a company in Hong Kong that were sold on our favorite auction site (and I presume still are). I posted my review here.

    This company makes Tomix compatible lighting kits as well. Here’s their direct website:

    I’ve been generally happy with these lighting kits, and given the quality of light they produce I will never go back to the Kato kits. But please read all of my comments - and the comments of others. Also note that I have no experience with their kits for Tomix cars, although I personally wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them based on my experience with Kato kits.


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