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Thread: Terraforming with spray foam

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    Technically not terraforming, but next step is ballasting.

    Not my favorite part of model railroading. I use Woodland Scenics fine ballast. I use a seed dispenser, a dollar store cosmetics brush, and the usual 1:1:1 Elmer's H2O Iso and medicine dropper.

    I paint the cork shoulders with Elmer's and add ballast to that; it helps keep the stuff from falling off the shoulder. Then I make a nice linear pile of ballast between the rails and sort of bulldoze and clean off the ties with the cosmetics brush. I add more outside the rails until the shoulder line is gone. Mist with isopropyl and flood 1:1:1 between the rails twice, than add more 1:1:1 wherever unflooded ballast remains. You need continuous ballast over the top of the shoulder so that the glue will soak down to the ballast below the top of the cork.

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    To control the expansion I covered it in clingfilm ,this lets you mould it a bit as well, when its dry it peels right off.

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