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Thread: Central Jersey Area Club Interest? (...again?)

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    Default New Jersey (Central) Area Club Interest? ALL Welcome - PA, NY, DE, Etc.

    There has been some discussion in the past about the possibility of a new Central Jersey club forming. Several folks expressed interest and desire but not much group momentum. I may have found a possible location to call home and likely have it as a rent$$ free space, although some community service time on a display layout would be involved. Storage space, work space and exhibit/show space would be available. Modular would be the most likely option. Location would be Flemington, NJ, 08822

    I want to gauge interest among this group first but will also be posting on other forums to generate more momentum. There will likely be other scales involved eventually.

    • Can you reply with your level of interest and commitment?
    • Preference for style - N-track, Free-Mo, T-Track...?
    • Era, time period preferences - no promises
    • Club experience - I have no club experience and would be looking for assistance or leadership to help get it started.
    • Availability for an informal information session. (do you have zoom access, or eventually meet in person)
    • Thoughts/advice on other considerations.
    • Are you on Facebook or other social media?

    For now, I would like to keep the discussions in this thread. Eventually, maybe via email or Facebook group?

    I am sure there is much more to address. Right now, just looking for interest and commitment levels. Still some time before space would be ready but would like to get a head start on this, so when we all get ahead of this covid, we can really get into this.

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