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Thread: N Scale Laser: Main Street [Building]

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    Default N Scale Laser: Main Street [Building]

    This is one of the newer releases from the team at N Scale Laser: It is a nice kit that can fit in any era and integrates well with DPM kits.

    1. I spray painted everything a red color. This photo is the backside of all the pieces. But the goal was to go a darker red as the brick mortar will tone it all down. Given I was going for stucco side walls, I could have ignored those.

    2. Pre brick mortar for the front of the building. I painted a few bricks with pens. On the right the stucco is going on. I later went back
    and stippled it a little more.

    3. As the stucco dried, I painted a wash of a tan color acrylic paint over it.

    4. The front of the building is looking better with the mortar wash applied. The mortar lines are visible and the red now more a brown.
    The side walls are now dried and very tan.

    5. I use this HO scale product line for highly visible window dressings. I wish there was a n-scale version but this works well enough.

    6. I sanded the side walls to remove most of the tan paint and smooth out the stucco. It leaves a nice result. The window dressings
    are now all set on the front.

    7. This kit is nice as the walls have tabs to make sure everything is well aligned. Here is the near final version.

    8. At home in DPM city and showing off the Showcase Miniatures firetruck I built as a side project.

    9. And at home in wild-west land too! A terrific high quality and versatile kit. Thanks N Scale Laser.
    Just another n-scaler.

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