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Thread: Hidden Switcher Switch Machine -- Version 2 ....

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    Default Hidden Switcher Switch Machine -- Version 2 ....

    I call this the 'Hidden Switcher' switch machine. It is a takeoff on the popular method of controlling turnout points with a SPDT slide switch set into the top of the layout by the points. You push the slide switch back and forth to throw the points via a wire between the switch and the throwbar. It works well and the switch can also change the polarity of the frog.

    To make the SPDT switch less noticeable I've come up with a housing you print and glue into the top of the layout. A SPDT switch can then slide into the housing with a 'camouflage object on the top of it. Now the top along with the rest of the switch is hidden and you have a convenient object that is easy to push back and forth.

    There are a number of different objects attached to platforms that one can print. There is also the option of a platform with nothing on it which enable you to glue whatever you want to it for the switch handle.

    Down the road if the SPDT switch gives you problems or you want to change the object on the top you only need to pull the switch from the housing, unconnected the wiring plug and attach it to a new object and drop it back in the housing and you are done.

    Also using the center post of the switch for the frog wire if the polarity ends up being wrong you pull the wire and plug off the switch and turn it 180 degrees and put it back on and the polarity will be correct.

    Once other scenery is added you should have a fairly inconspicuous way to manually control a turnout. This will be a video overview.

    Please ignore the misspellings in the video....too lazy to go back and redo it (not paid enough for that ).

    This is also the second iteration of this switch machine. I have info and print file links for the first version on my site but this version has less parts to print and I feel it works a little better than the first version. I'll add to this thread as I add print files for this newest version along with more info on how it installs and works.

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    Under$8.00 Servo turnout Control --- 3D Printed Model RR Objects -- MyHome Page

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    Clever. And now I know how I should have attached wires to those itty bitty switches before I gave up and went with larger RS slide switches.
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