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Thread: Kato Intermodal Container Tip!

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    Default Kato Intermodal Container Tip!

    If you model intermodal and have Kato containers, sometimes the bottom magnets tend to come loose from their clips, resulting in no magnetic connection between containers. Sometimes the loose magnets even can slip out of the container and become lost forever.

    You can easily fix this by opening the container via lifting up the roof lid, moving the top metal plate out of the way and applying glue over the bottom magnet to keep it secure - make sure the glue touches not just the magnet, but the container floor on both sides of the magnet and/or the plastic securing clips as well. I used Elmer's Clear glue, but regular Elmer's White glue will work just as well - it's inside the container so it won't be visible anyway. After applying the glue, replace the top metal plate and roof lid. Do this for all your Kato containers and the magnets will never come loose again!

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