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    Default Printer Camera...

    I wanted a camera to be able to view the printers I have (Ender and Photon Mono) when they are printing. I wasn't interested in being able to control the printers remotely with say a Pi for instance. I only feel comfortable with running the printers when I'm home and being retired that isn't a problem. I wanted to be able to view an ongoing print if I wasn't near it at the time. A lot of times I'll be in the attached shop while the Ender is running in the house or the other way around with the resin printer running in the shop and I'm in the house.

    I bought the netvue shown below on Amazon ( HERE ) and have been happy with it. It was way easier to setup than a similar (different company's) camera and surveillance system was.

    I was up and running with it in about 15 minutes. The phone app is easy and quick to use when you want to check on the printer.

    Above I have the camera in the house viewing the Ender.

    Above I moved the camera to the shop about 40 feet from the modem in the house to where the resin printer is. I plugged the USP connector to a nearby outlet and it connected immediately to the modem. The phone also saw the new connection right away.

    I went back into the house with the phone and all was well. You can't control the printer from the phone but you can move the camera to change the view up/down or side to side. It will be great that I can easily move it between the printers as needed. Not much else to say about it other than it has fulfilled my needs well and I'm happy with it.

    Same info on my site ( HERE ),

    Modeling UP from late 40's to early 70's very loosely......

    Under$8.00 Servo turnout Control --- 3D Printed Model RR Objects -- MyHome Page

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    Nice use of this camera.

    I mounted one of these (different brand) under the scenery which conceals two double track hidden loops. I can keep an eye on the progress of trains, see them when used for hidden staging and figure out where any derailments occurred. Easy to install and to set up.

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