2023 is fast approaching, and while our numbers are getting smaller I will gladly spring for the initial purchase on whatever locomotive or rolling stock the forum likes to get us rolling. (Especially since my detail skills are pretty basic) I'm partial to Kato GS-4s, GG1s, P42s, and observation cars myself. Looking on the shelf I do have some spare undecorated superliners, Kato business cars, a Kato UP SD70M and some older MT UP weathered stuff. I know transition era equipment typically works the best so maybe an F unit or heritage steam, but a Budd passenger car would allow mini figurines to be added.

I see Kato still has the undecorated Milwaukee Observation car kits for sale as well. Looks like I could also piece together an RDC-4 or Budd corrugated car.

Open to ideas, just want to get one of these going again as the others seem to have disappeared since Covid.