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Thread: Review: Feldherr rolling stock storage boxes

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    Default Review: Feldherr rolling stock storage boxes

    Quick version: OK for convenient home storage, not sure I'd use them to transport my rolling stock.

    I bought these for home storage, as a convenient way to store cars when I'm not using them. I like to switch between eras every once in a while, and these will work well for storing the stuff not on the layout.

    The good:

    -Cheaper than some of the alternatives. I found these on Amazon and with free shipping, a set of three boxes delivered to my door cost just under $60.

    -Decent storage capacity. I can fit 27 cars per box (either 40' or 50', more on that below) for 81 cars total.

    The not so good:

    -Some cars slide around. This is the biggest drawback in my mind. Cars are stored upright on their wheels, and some of my 40' cars don't fit snugly enough to stop them from rolling back and forth.

    -Not real efficient for 40' cars. If the boxes were about an inch wider you could fit 4 x 40' cars per row, but as it is only three per row will fit. Not a deal breaker though.

    -Watch the under frame details. Because cars are stored upright, you do have to pay attention to piping on tank cars, fragile stirrups on pretty much anything, etc. and make sure you don't damage things.

    -Conceivably a flat car could bounce up and down and be damaged (because it is stored upright, and there is nothing pressing down on top of it, but I think in reality you'd really have to bang the box around to make that happen. You could also just put a piece of foam on top of it if you were worried about it.


    It came in a set of three boxes:


    A mix of 50' and 60' modern, and 40' transition era cars:


    Loaded with 40' cars:


    Overall I'm satisfied with them for the purpose of storing things under the layout, but I'd want to add my own foam dividers or wheel blocks before using them to transport rolling stock out of the house.

    I don't have any affiliation with the company, just figured it was worth a review.

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