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Thread: Under table switch machines

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    very nicely done, @DanB80!

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    I scored some more of the Walthers turnout motors (and a ton of wiring, plus power distribution blocks for them) at a train show during the weekend. They are used, and the throw bars were too short to reach through the thickness of the door, but I couldn't argue with 15 of them for $50. To be honest the guy is lucky I didn't bite both of his arms off.
    My solution for the short throw bars was to embed them in between the layers of the door. I used the cutout pieces as spacers along with some foam core pieces to stop too much screw showing on the top side. Also note, these are the horizontal versions of the switch motor, they were a little more of a pain to install, but they were also going into a tight space.

    Horiz Motors.jpg

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    Great news!

    I know this is kinda late, but looking at how the vertical machine is built, I don’t see why you couldn’t replace the throw wire. Granted I don’t own these, but looking at the picture, the wire doesn’t seem to be solidly attached. It seems by removing the adjustment plate the wire could be slipped out. A new wire, bent to shape, could be substituted.

    But you made them work, as is. Well done! I hope you get years of trouble-free operation!
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